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The Bad Ass Drunks clan is a collection of friends from all across the continental United States. Our clan is founded on the priciples of strong teamwork, communication, and most of all - having a good time.
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 Rules Of Conduct for site

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PostSubject: Rules Of Conduct for site   Mon 21 Jun 2010, 11:28 pm

1. No Disrespecting, No Trash Talking, No Bragging,
No Threatening, of Any Member On The Site.
(including Admins, Staff and Participees.) <----- i dont know if i spelled that right lol

2. No Selling or Trading of Any Illegal or Legal
Substance of Any Sort if Found That You Have
Did This You Will Be Reported To The Authorities.

3. No Porn of Any Sort Allowed.
(Meaning No Pictures. No Signatures,
No Avatars, No links To a Porn Site, or
Not Even Telling Someone a Website
Address in a Post.)

4. No Selling or Trading of Firearms or
ammunition Allowed.

5. No Racism, No Sexual Harassment ,
No Sexual Comments on a Gay or Lesbian
Person. <-------- i cant figure the word for this in i know theres a way to say it but i forget lol it is in red


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Rules Of Conduct for site
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